For whom


Patient can be applied trhough the whole chain in healthcare, where data are generated and filed into an EMR. PatientVM is applicable in the following situations:

  1.  Hospitals                         Total Plug & Play solution
  2.  Long term care             Specific malnutrition protocols available
  3.  First line care                Available from Basic up to all-in solutions



The staff who use PatientVM to process the results of measuring, can use the app on a handheld, phone or  tablet.

The employee logs in on the app and can immediately scan the identity of the patient. Measurements are done, the results are shown on the handheld and after completion send to the EMR. It is feasible to view the results of earlier measurements. Depending on the ranges defined off limit results will be signalled on the handheld.

Within the PatientVM system it is possible to have an overview of the patients on a dashboard, indicating the last time the patient was checked