We are able to connect to the following EMR software : Epic, KWS, EZIS (Chipsoft) and HIX.As a preparation we will upfront define with you which protocols to use. PatientVM has several possibilities to send a warning signal to check Patients on time or if values are off limit.

Medical - Nurse working at desk


Trust Medical Systems believes in education and training. A system works only as well as its worst trained user, so we provide in depth hands on training and readable user manuals. Also accessible online and through video. We can provide all the protocols for the technical staff. We will take care of staff training for you.

Good training and education makes work easier, more effective and enjoyable.


To maintain PatientVM we offer a subscription containing updates and helpdesk

For the maintenance of the equipment we offer an all in service system supported by Trust.

  • 1 hour response time (between 08:00 en 17:00 uur)
  • 1 hour response time 24×7

It’s possible to do disturbing maintenance in the evenings or weekend.


To keep overview on the operations it’s possible to have a dashboard screen. This screen shows all the patients have got the attention they need. The dashboard shows if the patient have been measured at the time defined and all the required measurements are done. Patients who have to be checked are at the top.


At the installation of PatientVM the system is configured to the definition agreed by the customer, by using the PatientVM manager.  In this tool the agreed ranges and limits are fixed and the values needed to trigger the Early Warning System and the follow up needed. A substantial number of measurements can be processed by PatientVM Measurement can be defined as mandatory or as optional. All results can be processed as you wish. Measurements are directly shown on the display and in the order defined

In PatientVM manager you can add or delete departments and users. It’s possible to connect patients to certain staff.