In hospitals patients are daily monitored, by measuring functions which  are important to establish a diagnose. Most of thee time the results are put on paper and at a later point of time put into the EMR. This procedure is time consuming and the risk of making mistakes is high. Trust Medical Systems has developped a solution which combines hardware to the PatientVM app.

Via PatientVM  data can be transferred directly into the EMR. First a patient is identified via a barcode reader. Next PatientVM will receive data from WIFI equipment. These data are transferred directly into the EMR. During the installation at department level equipment will be connected to the PatientVM app. The PatientVM app can be modified to the specific protocols of the customer. The app will be connected to the EMR of the hospital.



Less Mistakes

The objective of PatientVM is to work efficient, avoiding input mistakes. Up to now Medical staff is writing down data, and put in the data at a later point of time into the EMR. The innovation Trust Medical Systems offers, is connecting hardware to software. At a fixed cost. How the measurements are done, doesn’t change a lot. The change is the way data are processed. With the PatientVM app it’s not necessary to have a “two step” input. The app directly sends the data into the EMR.

By this way double administration is avoided, no mistakes by input and by that data in the EMR are more reliable and especially more actual, for anybody who needs to make a decision based on the data.

The PatientVM advantages summarized :

  1.  Less time consuming
  2.  Less mistakes
  3.  More actual EMR
  4.  More attention towards the patient
  5.  Less costs
  6.  Easy adaption to specific requirements
  7.  Includes at least 16 different measurements